Didsbury Visual Arts Trail 2015


All events are free and run Sat 20 June- Sun 28 June, unless otherwise stated

This year’s Visual Arts Trail encompasses exhibitions right across Didsbury. Explore works by local artists in local venues and look out for works by local school children in shops and businesses too.

Anne Catherine Miller

On the Edge of Town | Bourbon and Black

A series of paintings by local artist Anne Catherine Miller

Ana Katherine Miler


Cecile Elstein

Of Being | Jo Padmore, Wimslow Road

Currents act as metaphor for time and being in existence. The colour white as light catches the surfaces of matter. It dances over everything:  the weight, texture, touch of the sea, shelter and tree. In this blue and white celebratory screen  print, I have worked towards an equal balance of being and action.

Cecile ElsteinOf Being


Claire Atkinson

Bus 42 Photographs | East Didsbury Railway Station

Photographs taken from the window of the bus 42.


CM Bronsteanu

Buffering | Bourbon and Black

Photographic exploration of the peripheral urban landscape, aproaching from a conceptual angle spaces that lack definition - that are neither urban nor rural - and in a continuous state of transformation.



Cosima Lancu

Postcard from Wet Woodlands |Croma

Cosmina Iancu is a Manchester based art and photography enthusiast, using the camera as means of connecting with the natural world, never tiring of recording its beauty, form and subtle changes. Her project “Postcards from Wet Woodland” is the result of one year visual exploration of Didsbury’s green oasis Stenner Woods and Millgate Fields. What first started as a simple observation-based photographic recording of the environment had soon become an established project, ultimately a visual attempt of reconnection with the nature-rich landscape from back home.


Crystal Kershaw

NEST | The Parsonage Gardens


What does it feel like to be inside a nest? Responding to the unique characteristics of three trees in the Parsonage's exquisite gardens - a Black Mulberry, a Cedar of Lebanon and a Laburnum Cross - Crystal presents a trio of site specific sculptural installations.



Eamonn Murphy

Didsbury M20 | The Albert Bowling and Tennis Club           

An exhibition of photographic artwork celebrating the vibrancy and diversity of the Didsbury urban environment.


Elena McLaren

Bus 42, Manchester Panoramic | Bourbon and Black

My creativity is my language, all I  want to say about life! My works are about what I see in everyday life, beautiful and ugly. All things which excite me and do not allow me to stay indifferent, help me to create and work on new projects.

ElenaMclaren- bus42


Emily and Anne

Lost in the Woods: An Animated Painting | Didsbury Library

Lost in the Woods is an animation shadow box, influenced by Joseph Cornell, fairytales, and the mix of countryside, suburbia and city. The physical space is made from a range of unusual materials, with animation screened behind it to create an ethereal atmosphere.

Go to the event page here for more details.


Emily Rusby

Wealth | Didsbury Library

A site specific installation based at Didsbury’s historic Library. Wealth explores the in-between narratives of people and places, in this case; Andrew Carnegie, his wealth, the library and Didsbury. It is the hidden and interwoven histories that come to light through the installation.



Ian Tattersall

Ian Tattersall | The Railway

I am interested in the accidental  elements that emerge from 'in between' conscious and unconscious when making pictures. My work  begins life as an expressive charcoal drawing. I then use digital media to remix the images further which throws up a myriad of new material. I then develop these into ink drawings.


Janet Walsh

Five Miles to St Ann’s Square | Bourbon and Black

This wall hanging represents the different nature of each one of 5 miles “between St Ann’s Square and mile marker in front of Third Eye Restaurant”. The fabric has been dyed with natural materials either found in each mile, such as turmeric from Rusholme, and cochineal for Manchester Museum.


Jayne Ford

Glass Artwork | Fletcher Moss Park

Looking like mysterious visitors from another world, Jayne Ford’s lily-like glass sculptures have chosen the Rockery at Fletcher Moss Gardens as their earthly home during the Festival.  Shifting between silvery reflectivity and ethereal transparency as the viewer meanders through the garden, they occupy an in between place between visibility and invisibility.

 glass portals 1c jayne ford


Jean Maudsley & Kenneth Lawson

12 Paintings | Holt Pavilion, Didsbury Park

An exhibition of 12 paintings: 10 by Kenneth Lawson and 2 by Jean Maudsley


Jessica Leite

Man in a Room | Volta

Man in a room is a series of three paintings inspired by Kafka's  "The Metamorphosis", created by artist Jessica Leite. As in the author's novel, the character, metamorphosed into a giant insect, neither entirely a human nor a bug, is seen from above in a bare room, a non-place in which all the possibilities are not yet realized.

Jessica Leite


Liz Scantlebury

The Magic Garden | Nazarene College

The Magic Garden is a series of drawings and paintings focusing on the incidental beauty of our local green spaces.

liz Scantlebury image

*Please note restricted public opening times: 20 - 28th June
Sat-Tue: 1-6pm
Wed: 1-3pm
Thurs - Sun: 1-6pm


Lizzie Finlay

Children’s Book Illustrations | Didsbury Library

Lizzie has illustrated both picture book and young fiction titles as well as writing and illustrating her own picture books: Dandylion, which was awarded the Dundee Picture book Award 2010, and Little Croc's Purse. Some artwork from her books will also be on display in the library.



Lynne Duric

Twilight | Simon’s Bridge | 21st-25th June

Lynne Duric will be painting in situ between Simon’s Bridge and Stenner Woods. Come and see her at work. Check our website for more details on times and locations. See the completed works at a Twilight - Preview Evening, Friday 26th June, 7pm, Simons Bridge.


lynee duric


Manchester Camera Club

Annual Print Exhibition | The Parsonage

The exhibition is a handpicked selection of members' prints with a variety of subjects including landscape, abstract, portraiture, natural history and sport. Club members will be on hand during the exhibition to welcome visitors and to answer any questions they may have.

Manchester Camera ClubCement Works Hope Valley


Maxine Taylor

Hidden  Didsbury |Didsbury Library

Hidden Didsbury’ illustrates the hidden gems of the popular suburb. The acrylic paintings are a dreamlike interpretation of what is there, or isn't there. Painted using a unique style inspired by Paul Klee’s idea of ‘taking a line for a walk’, combining abstract painting and emotive words into the pieces.


Meha Hindocha

20/43 | Didsbury Perk

The exhibition 20/43, explores Didsbury’s hidden gems as well as local favourites. My work includes a series of detailed black and white line drawings and paintings in different mediums including spray paint, watercolour and acrylics. Born and raised in Kenya, my art has been influenced by the batiks and crafts of local artisans, my intricate pattern work draws heavily from rangoli and henna designs of my Indian background.

meha hindocha


Didsbury Trail | Various

As part of this year’s festival you are invited to explore the village and discover the eight wooden letters of Didsbury. With help from schools and the local community, each letter has been illustrated to celebrate the diversity of the area. The letters are located in different places throughout the village.

Go to the event page here for more details.


Michael Stevenson

Many Waters | Nazarene College

An exhibition of paintings derived from studies of waterfalls, lakes, rivers and the sea.

*Please note restricted public opening times: 20 - 28th June
Sat-Tue: 1-6pm
Wed: 1-3pm
Thurs - Sun: 1-6pm


Michael Swallow

Mike Swallow Photography | Home Cafe, Emmanuel Church

I first started taking photographs on childhood holidays in North Wales and I’ve been absorbed by the medium ever since. My vision and technique have been honed and refined by over 30 years of image making, both commercially and through my own artistic practice.

Michael Swallowdown by the river 1500px v2

Michelle Olivier

Local Sketches | Fusion Deli

I am a local artist and believe in affordable, accessible art. Didsbury Arts Festival is a great way of making this possible. I hope that you can see in these paintings and prints my love of the natural world and how I register colour, shape and form.




Tales of my Neighbours | Parsonage Gardens

Sckafford:  Andy Fear, Kevin Linnane and Craig Need work separately in sculpture, photography, kinetic art, film and sound.  The three artists periodically come together to investigate and explore environmental relationships. Tales of My Neighbours the work of, refers to Fletcher Moss folklore book ‘Old Customs and Tales of My Neighbours’.



Didsbury Secondary Schools

Secondary Schools in Shop Windows | Various

Local Secondary Schools are exhibiting their artwork in the shop windows of our Didsbury traders. Look out for surprises in their windows when strolling around Didsbury.


Didsbury Open House Trail

In addition to the Arts Trail, Didsbury Arts Festival presents for the first time an Open House Arts Trail, with local artists and art-lovers opening their houses to act as gallery spaces for the final weend of the festival. 

See the full list of those involved here.


Sarah Butler: Walking the Edge
Getting to DAF events by Metrolink


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