Afro-Cuban rhythms in the park


Get ready for Afro-Cuban rhythms in the park

One of the highlights of DAF 2019 will be the Curious Picnic in Didsbury Park with music by the unmissable ZunZun. The band plays Afro-Cuban music – get ready to rumba!

'We play a range of rhythms such as macuta, bata, palo, yuka and rumba. They all have dances associated with them,' said ZunZun band member, Siobhan Casey. 'These rhythms have all influenced the development of salsa, which is a fusion of Spanish and Afro-Cuban music.'

'The songs that we sing are dedicated to different orishas – gods - who are worshiped in Cuba.The songs are beautiful and the rhythms are complex and exciting and have a great energy that inspires you to dance.'

Afro-Cuban music was developed by African people who were enslaved and brought to Cuba to work on the plantations The music is polyrhythmic and played on percussive instruments such as conga drums, clave, bata drums, catas and shakers.So, plenty of energy and fun!

ZunZun was started about ten years ago by Andy Boothman who has been playing, studying and teaching Afro-Cuban music for many years. The band now consists of eight to 12 members and welcomes new musicians. Previous performances include Chorley Live, Chorlton Arts Festival and Chorlton Choir festival.

ZunZun will perform in Didsbury Park during the Curious Picnic, Saturday 30 June. Find more information here.

By Laura Linkomies

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