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The Buddy Bench

Special Event
 Registration Closed
Date: Saturday, 22nd June 00:00 - Sunday, 30th June 00:00

Venue: Poppy Path, Didsbury Park

We hear that we are a nation divided. That we spend our time shut up in our homes, communicating only via social media. The Buddy Bench is here to challenge and address these perceptions. The concept follows the lines of the famous Manhattan Actor's Studio interviews - there will be two seats on the bench, one will have a script attached with questions for the person to ask whoever sits beside them: “How are you?” “What’s your favourite word?”, conversation starters to get us all talking face-to-face. DidsburyFM will “man” the Buddy Bench at festival weekends, pulling in unsuspecting passers-by, but the exhibit will also stand alone for people to interact with as part of their everyday lives.



All Dates

  • From Saturday, 22nd June 00:00 to Sunday, 30th June 00:00