DAF 2019: A Curious Festival


DAF 2019: A Curious Festival

Didsbury Arts Festival returns in 2019 (22-30 June) to take over the Manchester suburb with a range of special events and experiences, all responding to the festival theme of Curiosity.

DAF 2019: A Curious Festival will encourage audiences to try something new, to immerse themselves in one-off experiences, be part of unique events, learn about cultures, traditions and religions, and about the people in their community.

The programme will be centred around the following key strands:

Curiosity: This central theme will under-pin the whole festival programme, with as many events as possible reflecting the theme in some way. Whether it's encouraging people to 'Be Curious' (see below), programming a site specific event which makes people think again, immersing yourself in a new place or experience, learning about cultures, traditions or religions, and about the people in our community.

Be Curious: We are seeking to encourage people to try something new, whether this be attending a classical recital or visiting an art exhibition, singing, making something, trying stand up comedy, all for the first time. 

Curiosities: An extension of the festival programme where imaginations and boundaries are pushed in equal measure – creating a series of events working with local and international artists and creative thinkers to produce memorable experiences. 

Community Lantern Parade
Transient Roots - Poetry Cycle


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Friday, 22 March 2019