Didsbury Arts Festival

Didsbury Arts festival is a volunteer led multi arts festival celebrating creative culture in Didsbury, through working with local, national and international artists. 

We are a biennial festival. The next edition will take place from 22 June - 30 June 2019. The festival theme will be Roots. If you would like to join the 2019 team, please get in touch.


There was no silence here

Here she would learn to distinguish between


Smashed glass

Slamming doors

A different tune playing in every room

This is where she witnessed

Guinea Pigs being born

The way the mother ate the placenta

Rabbit skins drying in the shed

Tea cups flying

Midnight raid on the box of crisps

Toys becoming weapons

Names becoming insults

Meditating nuns

A thousand near misses

Stolen kisses

Sliding down drain pipes into the moonlight

She was buddleia to butterfly

Those cars with their engines running

Nobody ever noticed

It was never written in the log book

how she learned to distinguish


earthquakes and smashed glass


By Louise Wallwein