Didsbury Arts Festival

Didsbury Arts festival is a volunteer led multi arts festival celebrating creative culture in Didsbury, through working with local, national and international artists. 

We are a biennial festival. The next edition will take place from 22 June - 30 June 2019. The festival theme will be Roots. If you would like to join the 2019 team, please get in touch.


A place to get a minute’s piece

Killing time

Sheltering from the rain

This is where the branches grew

And the tree that she was to become

An imagination incubated underneath the glass dome

A hot house

This is where she found out why the caged bird sings

The shelves packed with books

Where her leaves rested

And caressed the leaves of pages

Like leaves do in a forest

Reading through tempests of the ages

Sheltering from the  winds of rages

And the ages

And the rages

Unleashed from the dust rising from every surface

It was all the writers that she found here that would become her parent

All their voices advising her through the  dark years

As long as she had books then she had a map

That pointed in the right direction

Finding her voice

Somewhere in the catalogue drawers

It was hiding there

Residing there

Imagine her 13 years old


one hand on hip


under that glass dome

Not a clue

Completely unaware

That One day

One day

Her own book would be found here

And her oak would build a ship


By Louise Wallwein